Data analysis emerges as an in-demand skill for the competitive and volatile job market. Embedded within are technical skills such as programming and statistical analysis, as well as transferable skills like critical thinking and problem-solving. Embracing the ideas of skills development for the changing world and education accessible for all, Fulbright Career Development, partnered with UniTrain, a leading educational institution in data analysis, launched the first fully funded Data Analysis Fundamentals Series (DAFS) for Fulbright students.

DAFS 2022 was comprised of four 2-hour sessions, spanning from April 4 to April 15, delving into the principles of data analysis and exploring the logic of two data analysis tools: Microsoft Excel and Power BI. Additionally, students acquired valuable analytical skills through hands-on practices with project scenarios and a simulated test upon course completion. Laying the foundations for other disciplines, DAFS 2022 equipped students with the necessary s kills to handle data with confidence.

Data Analysis Fundamentals Series

Sharing on the future of data analysis, Vy Le, UniTrain Power BI Trainer, believes that data analysis is an indispensable skill in any profession or field. “From Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Marketing to Social Sciences, learning and applying data processing, data visualization, and data analytics using tools such as Power BI, SQL, or Python will be the highlight in the young generation’s portfolio.

Cuong Nguyen, a freshman at Fulbright University Vietnam, regarded data analysis as an essential interdisciplinary skill. “Even though I have yet to declare my major, I find data analysis very useful for my current research projects, as it helps me analyze and visualize data effectively with readily available tools.” He was also impressed with Power BI, especially its convenience compared to other conventional data-processing applications.

An economics-majored sophomore who spearheaded this partnership initiative with UniTrain, Phuong Le, shared: “DAFS has offered me valuable knowledge and hands-on experience, as well as significantly supported my learning pathway.” Phuong also believes that the knowledge and skills acquired from DAFS would contribute to his future endeavor in the business world, especially in his further pursuit of Data Analysis and Data Analytics.

Trung Ho – UniTrain Excel Trainer and Finance Director at Asia Clean Capital Vietnam, one of the two DAFS 2022 trainers – emphasized that data analysis is among the highly in-demand skills of the future. “In addition to broadening career prospects, data analysis fosters other soft skills that are much needed in this constantly changing world. Through data analysis, students learn to think logically and critically, make observations through numbers, focus on scientific analysis instead of subjective judgments, and cultivate critical thinking for effective communication. Such skills, I believe, demonstrate where liberal education is heading towards.”

Upon their completion of DAFS 2022, Fulbright students have gained a firm grasp on data analysis fundamentals that allow them to practice in real-world settings and are all excited for opportunities that this experience potentially opens.

Data Analysis Fundamentals Series

Source: Fulbright

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