“The most recent figures for sustainable investment, from April 2019, suggest there are now USD30.7 trillion of assets under management, an increase of 34 per cent over the previous three years.

Take these numbers, align them to the continuing global mega trends of population growth, increasing urbanisation and climate change, and the outlook for sustainable financing and investing looks to be strong. But what do investors and issuers globally actually think?

In this year’s HSBC Sustainable Financing & Investing Survey, we asked 1,000 issuers and investors from 15 core countries, across 4 regions, to tell us about their thoughts, progress and plans, as well as the key themes impacting them today.

The results were fascinating and while in some matters investors and issuers diverge in their opinion, on many major questions, they are aligned. To find out more, please download the full Global Report, or the relevant Regional or Market Report from the list below” – HSBC

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